Restaurant In Bournemouth

Dining out in a great restaurant is the ideal way to celebrate a special occasion. Good food and a relaxed, chilled-out atmosphere can really set the tone for a great evening with friends and family. Delicious food has always had a way of bringing people together and can ensure that a good time is had by all. There are many excellent restaurants in Bournemouth, but the name on everyone’s lips right now is Arbor. At Arbor Restaurant, diners enjoy well-cooked, honest and imaginative food. There’s no doubt about it that its talented chefs are able to produce seriously great-tasting food, and the best thing is that it doesn’t cost the earth. Many restaurants of its calibre charge sky-high prices for similarly fine cuisine, but Arbor remains highly affordable.

Locally-Sourced Produce

The chefs at Arbor are passionate about locally sourced produce and so both classic and new ingredients are delivered to its kitchen daily. Arbor has England’s garden counties of Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire right on its doorstep, and so the best meat, vegetables and dairy products are within easy reach. Plus, being on the south coast, the very best of the country’s fish and shellfish is a permanent fixture on the restaurant’s varied menu. For further information visit

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